Bike Parking Installation of the Month: Boulders Climbing Gym

In the spirit of living a healthy lifestyle and showcasing businesses that support cyclists, we spoke with Brad Werntz, owner of Boulders Climbing Gym about their recent bike parking installation. Brad is an avid cyclist himself, and responded to the number of climbers that ride their bikes to the gym by building a safe and welcoming bike parking option for customers.

Rock on Brad!

Bicycle parking at Boulders Climbing Gym in Madison, WI

Why did you choose to update/add bike parking?

We've always had a strong base of our customers who ride to Boulders whatever the weather, which is saying a lot given that it's not an easy place to get to by bike. We expanded bike parking several years ago by adding temporary racks, and those are full all of the time. As bike commuters ourselves, we felt like we needed to step-up and make a statement by investing in the best racks we could get.

We took this same opportunity to add a pump and a repair station. We gave up two parking spaces to make this happen, but when our parking lot is full and so are our bike racks, we know we made the right choice. We'll evaluate this decision down the line, as we're likely to commit two more spaces to bike parking racks to accommodate our customers.

Have you received any user feedback?

Our customers were really excited as we rolled this out, and have remained excited. Many of them have thanked us both personally and in writing. Cycling is valued in our community and particularly among our members, so the commitment we made to supporting that was reflected in the commitment back to our business.

Why did you choose to use Saris products?

You have to ask? They're the BEST! We love the look and feel of the racks, and the custom branding is something that resonated with us, too. Plus, they're local to Madison and support the community in so many ways. We didn't even think about going anywhere else with this project.

Bicycle parking at Boulders Climbing Gym in Madison, WI