Hitch Accessories

  • Locking Hitch Tite (Threaded)

    • Secures rack to vehicle with theft-preventing lock.
    • Fits most 1¼" and 2" threaded hitch-tite.
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  • Swing Away Accessory

    • Turns your favorite Saris hitch rack into a
      swing away.
    • Carries up to 250 lb. of weight.
    • For use with 2” receivers only.
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  • Long Ratchet Straps (2 pack)

    • Ideal for large tires, large rims or special rims.
    • Compatible with Freedom Frame Cradles.
    • For use with the Thelma, Porter Trunk, Porter Hitch, Gran Fondo, Freedom and SuperClamp racks.
    • Each strap is 22 inches long, 2 per package.
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  • Aluminum Hitch Adapter

    • Converts 1 ¼" hitch receiver to fit 2" hitch.
    • Adapter is 5.5 inches long.
    • Compatible with all current Saris Hitch Racks.
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  • Fat Tire Wheel Accessory

    • Add wheel holders to your Freedom or SuperClamp to fit fat tire bikes.
    • Easily fits 5" wide bicycle tires.
    • Includes extra-long wheel strap to secure fat tires.
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  • SuperClamp 2-Bike Tilting Base

    • Upgrade your non-folding/tilting SuperClamp or convert your SuperClamp 4-bike to a 2-bike.
    • Universal tilting base compatible with all SuperClamp hitch racks.
    • Works with 1-1/4" and 2" receivers.
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  • Wheel Straps (2-Pack)

    • Keeps handlebars from turning while in transit.
    • Keeps wheels from spinning.
    • For use with hanging-style trunk and hitch racks like Bones, Bones EX, Bones Hitch, SUPERBones, Sentinel, Guardian and Grand Slam.
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  • Locking Cable & Hitch Tite Combo

    • Locking Hitch Tite secures your rack to your vehicle
    • Locking Cable secures your bike to your rack
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  • Rack Dollie

    • Wheeled dollie attaches quickly to most 2" receiver compatible racks
    • Wheels ensure smooth and effortless transport of rack to and from vehicle without any lifting
    • Easy to use and remove
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  • 8' Locking Cable

    • Secure bikes to your bike rack to reduce bike theft.
    • Eight foot, 10mm braided stainless steel locking cable.
    • Includes 2 keys.
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  • Bike Beam

    • Bridges the gap between stem and seat to create a virtual top tube.
    • For use with all Saris racks where bikes are secured by the top tube.
    • Length adjusts to fit most bikes and opens easily with slide mechanism.
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  • SuperClamp HD 2-Bike Base

    • Make your existing SuperClamp 2-bike hitch rack RV compatible (Class A, B, & C motorhome).
    • A 2-inch base compatible with all SuperClamp 2-bike hitch racks (4025, 4025C, 4025F, 4026F).
    • For use with 2” receivers only.
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  • 2" Hitch Tightener

    • Eliminates rattling and wobbling
    • Adds extra security to bike racks and hitch devices
    • Compatible with dedicated 2" receivers/racks
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  • Cargo Accessory

    • Convert your Freedom or SuperClamp 4-bike hitch rack into a cargo carrier plus 2-bike rack.
    • Built to haul up to 120 lb of cargo.
    • Tilts away when fully loaded or not for easy vehicle access.
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