What Is Nfinity Technology?

Saris Nfinity Technology is the first and only indoor training technology that adds multiple dimensions of movement to stationary cycling. Featuring fore/aft, as well as side-to-side movement, each degree of freedom created by Nfinity Technology is specifically calculated to mirror outdoor riding, without feeling unstable or insecure.

How It Works

Forward, back, and side-to-side = Multidimensional movement.

  • 9.5" (24cm) of fore/aft movement
  • 12° total side-to-side movement

Because side to side isn't enough

Fore/aft motion is suspended on a curved rail that self-centers with gravity, critical for standing or intense efforts.

Side-to-side motion is made possible by an intricate system of rollers and a leaf spring, freeing the enire system to pivot naturally up to 12°.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. - Newton's Third Law of Motion

So, what happens when rides come inside? When a bike is locked to a static trainer – where does all that energy go?


Nowhere. Instead it’s absorbed by the body and the bike, resulting in fatigued feet, seat, arms, and wasted watts.

The solution is simple:

multiple dimensions of movement, precisely configured to match riding conditions outdoors.


Reduce pedal and saddle pressure so you can ride harder, longer, more comfortably.


Realistic, multi-directional movement for training that’s true-to-the-road and engaging.


For an indoor training experience that is simply more fun.


Activate more muscles, just as you do when riding outdoors.


Built for all levels of riders, for use with nearly any trainer.

“When I'm riding outside and I look at my bike I see all these micro-movements happening underneath me. A fore-aft surge with each pedal stroke, a rhythmic side-to-side rocking increasing with effort and fatigue, the bike moving back as I stand to muscle up the next hill. On a trainer with no or minor movement those sensations don't come naturally, and I'm left locked into the same position for hours. With smooth fore-aft and side-to-side movement all those outdoor movements transition to my indoor training, allowing me to better focus on the ride and leaving me less drained at the end.”

- Andrew Haala, Saris Senior Mechanical Design Engineer