Trunk Accessories

  • Long Ratchet Straps (2 pack)

    • Ideal for large tires, large rims or special rims.
    • Compatible with Freedom Frame Cradles.
    • For use with the Thelma, Porter Trunk, Porter Hitch, Gran Fondo, Freedom and SuperClamp racks.
    • Each strap is 22 inches long, 2 per package.
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  • Hatch Huggers SL

    • Allows trunk-mount bike racks to be used on hard to fit glass hatchbacks
    • Works on vehicles with tight gaps around the trunk
    • Please use the Fit Guide to determine if your vehicle requires the use of Hatch Huggers
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  • Trunk Rack Lock

    • Secure bike rack to vehicle to deter theft.
    • Cables secured within closed trunk.
    • Includes 8 ft. cable and 2 keys.
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  • Wheel Straps (2-Pack)

    • Keeps handlebars from turning while in transit.
    • Keeps wheels from spinning.
    • For use with hanging-style trunk and hitch racks like Bones, Bones EX, Bones Hitch, SUPERBones, Sentinel, Guardian and Grand Slam.
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  • Bones Strap Management Caps

    • Stows away excess straps
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Provides clean and sleek look
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  • Protect-O-Pads

    • Provide padding between bikes when multiple bikes or between a bike and the vehicle.
    • Pads easily slip over top tube of bike frame.
    • Set of 4.
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  • Bike Beam

    • Bridges the gap between stem and seat to create a virtual top tube.
    • For use with all Saris racks where bikes are secured by the top tube.
    • Length adjusts to fit most bikes and opens easily with slide mechanism.
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  • Extra Long J-Hook Straps 80"

    • Use on vehicles requiring additional length for Bones, Sentinel or Bike Porter Trunk top lashing straps.
    • 80 inches in length.
    • QTY 2.
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