Driven by a vision of seeing Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin, full of inspired and motivated youth choosing to ride their bike. Why?

Because there are a million less kids aged 6-17 riding today than in 2014, and it’s time to help our youth fall in love with riding a bike all over again.

The Saris Bike Parks for Kids Mission

To build resiliency and self-confidence in our underserved youth by getting them to experience the joy of biking through a world-class network of integrated off-street bike trails and bicycle parks/playgrounds.

What’s A Bike Park?

A car-free, bike-specific, self-contained space designed to provide cycling experiences for a wide range of abilities and styles. While each park has its own unique design, they all have one thing in common: encouraging youth to get out and ride.

Why Bike Parks?

Let’s start with the most important reason: the youth are asking. In a recent Free Bikes 4 Kidz survey, bike parks were a reoccurring theme – specifically for middle school aged youth in underserved communities. Bike parks are a great way to cash in on the important mental and physical health benefits of being outdoors, all while igniting a love of bicycles at a young age and unlocking the connection that only the bike can bring.

Know No Bounds

Here our motto means so much more. The mission of the Saris Bike Parks is to serve the underserved and ensure equal access to all the park has to offer. Complete with programming, including teaching youth how to ride, as well as access to bikes and helmets, Saris Bike Parks will feature world-class facilities, be accessible by safe bike routes, and be part of an integrated bicycle network, eliminating barriers to entry for those in need.

A Focus on Middle Schoolers

Saris Bike Parks are a bike destination for a wide range of ages, they’ve been specially designed with middle schoolers in mind. Too old for playgrounds, too young for high school level activities, middle schoolers are perpetually stuck in, you guessed it - the middle. A bike park is a perfect place to get outside, rip around and connect with their community in a way that’s really tailored to them and not available elsewhere in the city.