Ride on Chicago Crew Drops by Madison

Ride on Chicago Crew Drops by Madison

What do bicycle advocacy, a bratcake and professional cyclist Tim Johnson have in common? They'll all be a part of the Ride On Chicago Madison Departure.

Join us at our headquarters, 5253 Verona Rd., on Friday, June 5th at 7:00am for coffee, mingling and #bratcakes before we send off Tim Johnson and crew to Milwaukee – with a quick pit stop at the State Capitol. That means we're sending out an open invite to all interested cyclists to ride along with Tim down to the Wisconsin Capitol and back. The ride departs at 8am.

You're Invited!

Ride on Chicago flyer

Plus, we'll be raffling off one of these sweet brat beverage holders to a random winner. Simply post your photo, tag with #bratcakes and make sure your post is visible to the public.

A bike-friendly beverage holder, also good for transporting brats
Win this bike-friendly beverage holder by posting your #bratcakes photos.

About Ride on Chicago

The 2015 Ride on Chicago team began in Minneapolis and will be riding their way toward Chicago over five days – all while raising funds for PeopleForBikes and awareness for safer cycling. To learn more about Ride on Chicago, visit peopleforbikes.org.

Cyclists Ride on Chicago
Photo Credit: Jamie Kripke. Jamie also captured the image at the top of the post.