We're Moving!

We're Moving!

After 27 years in Madison, Wisconsin, it was time for a change.

In 1989 Chris and Sara Fortune purchased then-named Graber Products with a mission to manufacture the highest quality bike racks right here in Madison, Wisconsin. This dedication to Made in the USA manufacturing and sourcing is at the heart of our business. With the vast majority of raw materials sourced within just 300 miles of our Saris Cycling Group headquarters, combined with our "just in time" manufacturing process has allowed American manufacturing to be both possible and profitable.

In the last 27 years, Saris Cycling Group has grown its portfolio of brands beyond just our bike racks for cars and bicycle parking solutions. CycleOps indoor bike trainers and PowerTap cycling power meters have joined our family. With these acquisitions we expanded our capacity to include a wheel building machine, in-house welding, calibration machines, bending machines, sewing stations and a dedicated tool shop.

As we've continued to grow, more space is needed and so we once again broke ground for a new, 18,375 foot expansion.

By the time construction is done, our offices will have transformed from a Civil War-era farm house and chicken coup to a farm-house-turned-offices with three football fields of machining, tooling and manufacturing, employing over 180 local area workers.

Just Kidding! We're Not Going Anywhere.

Saris expansion at beginning of construction

Saris expansion during construction

Finished Saris expansion