The Evolution of CycleOps

It's been over two decades since the CycleOps brand was born. In 1999, four years after its conception, CycleOps joined the Saris Cycling Group family here in Madison, Wisconsin. And we've been here ever since.

History of CycleOps - 21 Years of Innovation

From redesigning the original Fluid into the bestselling fluid bike trainer, the Fluid2, to creating the world's first magnetic trainer, the CycleOps Magneto, we've created a portfolio of indoor bike trainers we're proud to paint black and yellow with the CycleOps signature swirl – including one very special bicycle trainer, the original eTrainer.

The original CycleOps eTrainer
In 2005 our innovative team of engineers unveiled the very first electronic bike trainer.

Released before the capabilities of wireless technology, the trailblazing eTrainer was a mass of wires a metal that featured an electronic resistance unit to control the ride. Over a decade later, this type controlled resistance bike trainer, now sporting the name of either “smart trainer” or “virtual trainer,” is widespread and much preferred. The same could not be said in 2005. We were ahead of our time, and thanks to the help of early adopters we were able to pinpoint a need in the market: a wireless electronic trainer.


The dawn of the smart bike trainer was approaching and we were ready with the PowerBeam Pro. This smart trainer first hit the market in 2008 with the launch of our PRO Series. Utilizing ANT+ protocols, the PowerBeam Pro gave athletes the freedom to control workouts from the saddle of their bike, without a single wire. With the genesis of the PowerBeam Pro we weren't just at the helm of the virtual trainer movement – we were the captain.

Since then, we've continued to learn much about seamless integration. With the addition of CycleOps Virtual Training in 2012 we became one step closer to perfecting the best possible inside ride. Syncing perfectly to a wide variety of indoor bike trainers, VirtualTraining allowed riders to experience Tour de France stages, recon Ironman courses and more – all without leaving their living room. Yet, we still had more to master.

Eighteen years later, our mission remains the same: to create a seamless, fun and entertaining ride for any type of cyclist. In other words, the ultimate indoor training experience. One that's as comfortable as it is true to the road, that's as compatible with a variety of bikes as it is with electronic devices, and that's as ready for what's next in indoor bike training as any bike trainer that came before.

For this reason, we can't wait for what's next.