3 Reasons a Car is a Cyclist's Best Friend

3 Reasons a Car is a Cyclist's Best Friend

As cyclists, it's easy to get in the mindset of wanting to ride everywhere from your front door. The ability to commute to work or enjoy your favorite activity using only the power of your legs is certainly one of the greatest benefits of riding your bike. But don't let your car rust in your driveway; here are a few ways that a car can actually be a cyclist's best friend.

1. The Social Aspect

Women sitting in trunk of vehicle with bike rack
The greater the bike hauling capacity, the more friends that can come along for the ride.

Whether you're a recreationalist or have a competitive streak, there are many cycling events available all over the country. Each is a great reason to hitch your bike up to your car rack and to ride with tens or even hundreds of like-minded bike enthusiasts.

Group rides, gran fondos, races, and charity cycling events are all great places to meet other people to ride with and enjoy a festival-like atmosphere with your favorite activity front and center. Check out our many four-bike carrier rack options if you want to reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling with your friends.

2. The Exploration Aspect

Mountain bike rider
Pull out the map and get rad in new locations.

Sure, you can ride a lot of great roads and trails right from your door. But if you live in one place for awhile, even your favorite trails can get old.

Keep your passion for cycling fresh by jumping in the car to ride in a new location. If you're a mountain biker, challenging yourself by riding new types of trails will make you a better rider. If the trails around your home are fast and flowy, drive to an area that will give you more of a technical challenge. If you're within driving distance of a ski area with a summer bike park, definitely check that out. Spending a day doing some lift-accessed riding will supercharge your downhill skills.

And if your passion comes for the road, there are countless options for new routes all within driving distance.

3. The Isolation Aspect

Mountain bike rider with camping tent
Have bike, will travel. Get away from it all with your bike, car rack and vehicle.

When you feel like getting away from it all, load up your bike and your camping gear and drive off to the most remote place you can find. Hit the trails or the open road from your campsite and afterwards relax as the sun sets over the horizon and the night sky lights up with stars.

If you've been bitten by the travel bug and you'd rather sleep outdoors than in a stuffy house, build out a camper van for a more permanent adventuremobile. Land in one place until you've ridden all the fun trails and stunning roads you want to ride, then move to the next area -- on and on until it's time to go back. Over time your van will come to feel like home. So much so you may find yourself taking your bikes on an unlimited road trip.