5 Activities That Will Get Your Whole Family Outside This Fall

5 Activities That Will Get Your Whole Family Outside This Fall

As we swing back into the school season, it’s easy for our kids to get caught up with friends and homework. But family time and fresh air shouldn’t end with the summer. Help your family stay connected to nature and each other with these family-friendly outdoor activities.

collecting leaves on a hike

1. Collect Leaves on a Hike

Ever collected leaves to use in craft projects? Collecting and preserving your favorite colorful leaves is a fun and creative way to embrace nature with your kids. Go on a hike when the trails are full of red and orange, and gather some souvenirs from your day outside.

Take your leaves home and iron them between two pieces of wax paper to create bookmarks or holiday ornaments. You’ll make a lasting reminder of the season and your time spent with each other.

2. Visit an Apple Orchard

Picking apples is a fall favorite for everyone. The whole family will have fun at the orchard as you snack and wander the aisles of trees. You can also catch a hayride, visit a haunted house, or explore a number of other popular orchard activities, depending on the one you visit.

Not only is apple picking a fun way to get outside, it can also lead to more fun at home; baking apple pies, or bobbing for apples at your next Halloween party.

Child riding a bike

3. Bike Riding

Fall is the best time of year to enjoy trails or quiet back roads as a family. Temperatures are cool, the trees are beautiful, and cycling is a great way for kids to burn off some energy. If you don’t have access to safe and fun riding trails nearby, get a rack for your car and hit the road with the whole family.

4. Fishing

Fishing is that type of activity that lingers in the distant memories of so many families. If you fished with your parents as a kid, it can be extra special to pass along the skill. (Even if you don’t have impressive fishing skills, yourself — the kids will never know!)

You can fish from the shore, or mix things up on a canoe, a kayak, or even a stand up paddleboard. If you catch tonight’s dinner, even better!

camping out with a bbq

5. BBQ Camp Out

Gather the family and friends to pitch the tent, grill hot dogs, and share stories around the campfire. Those crowded campgrounds you couldn’t get into this summer are clearing out now that school is in session, and you might have a chance to explore popular destinations that require reservations in the busy months.

Nights can be chilly, but with a roaring fire, a cozy sleeping bag, and enough warm clothes, it will be a memorable and fun adventure.