Bike Installation of the Month: City Real Estate Development

This month we are highlighting one of our partners in the Boston market regarding their recent bike installations. Below we chatted with Jacob Simmons of City Real Estate Development and the impact they have seen on bike commuting and cycling infrastructure in their area.

Boston bike parking

What is your overall impression of the Saris product line? Do you have a Saris product you would recommend for every installation your team builds?

We really like the bike dock outdoor parking rack. We purchased a bike dock for one of our sites, as well as anchors for the bike dock. We also purchased a cycle aid station and outdoor cycle air pump.

Have you received any feedback yet on your recent installations? How long has the product been installed at these locations?

We have gotten very strong feedback from our own tenants as well as neighbors. We installed the bike dock in late August and it has been a very successful amenity for our property.

Have you seen a growth in buildings requesting commercial bike parking in your area? What do you think is the reason for that growth?

We have absolutely seen a growth in demand for bike parking. I think the big push behind this is simply that commuting by car is becoming outdated and people see biking as a healthy and eco-conscious solution.

Do you see more bikes on the road being beneficial to the Boston area? Do you feel there a certain demographic of cyclists in this area? Are they commuters, recreationalists?

I think the majority of cyclists are commuters. More bikes on the road would be absolutely beneficial, but the road infrastructure needs to improve alongside the private development investment. Look to Somerville and how they effectively created safe bike lanes and intelligent traffic signals. Biking will be more readily adopted when it becomes more convenient.

For new bike infrastructure requests using Saris Products in the Boston Metro area please contact Galen Mook with Landrys Bicycles.