Bike Room Highlight: Exact Sciences in Madison, WI

Bike Room Highlight: Exact Sciences in Madison, WI

Today we are highlighting the bike room at the new campus of Madison, WI-based biotechnology company, Exact Sciences. The company is very committed to providing wellness support for its employees. Encouraging employees to commute via bike is natural extension of this comprehensive effort to promote healthy habits and opportunities.

Rather than a cinder block-lined, cave-like space buried in a garage or basement, Exaxct Sciences opted to fit their room with welcoming colors and finishes in a room located right off their main employee entrance. Along wiith a full complement of Bike Fixation racks and repair equipment, Exact Sciences proves that bike storage can be a welcoming ammenity rather than just a storage space.

The bike room at Exact Sciences
Exact Sciences opted for a bike room near their main employee entrance with welcoming aesthetics.

Exact Sciences employee and daily commuter, Pat Wrenn, gave his impressions on the newly installed facility:

“The bike room at 1 Exact Lane is very user friendly. It is perfectly located to allow bikes to easily pedal close to the building and walk directly into the bike room without crossing through and disrupting other operations within the office.”

bike stack racks that have a lift assist mechanism
Bike Fixation Stack Racks, with their lift assist mechanism, both maximize storage capacity within the room and allow easy loading and unloading.

“From the bike room employees can conveniently continue down the hall to the showers and locker room and then onto to their work stations. I like the roominess between the racks, so that you can easily move around the space. Even though the room can accommodate an impressive number of bikes, you do not feel confined to navigate through a jungle of hanging metal.”

bike docks allow parking of cargo and other bikes
Additional Inverted ‘U’ style Bike Docks allow parking of cargo and other bikes that do not easily fit on stacked or vertical racks.

“It is really nice that there is a variation of rack designs in the room, so that you can you use the one that best suits you and your bike.”

a deluxe public work stand and indoor bike pump
A Bike Fixation Deluxe Public Work Stand and Indoor Bike Pump provide a functional centerpiece to the room.

“Having the repair stand and pump is great for completing all the quick maintenance you always put off after pedaling home from the office. It also allows you to make simple fixes to your bike, instead of risking larger damage while commuting home to your tool kit.”

“With their well thought out and well-appointed bike room, Exact Sciences has provided an enviable amenity to their growing team”

The Exact Sciences bike room has bike parking and storage
The Exact Sciences bike room has bike parking and storage for all types of rides.