Bike Room Highlight: 33 Tehama in San Francisco

How smart indoor bike parking maximizes floor space and attracts new tenants.

Towering over San Francisco’s booming South of Market Neighborhood, 33 Tehama boasts a bevy of luxury amenities to attract new tenants.

With space at a premium in this desirable neighborhood, every square foot of floor space is precious. 33 Tehama uses car lifts to maximize their limited footprint.

Similarly, a mix of Saris Indoor Bike Storage Racks provide easily accessible, high-density bicycle storage for the building’s tenants.

The Vertical Rack allow bikes to be kept clear of narrow walkways.

The Stack Rack’s flexible configuration allows for bicycle parking under overhead obstructions, like low hanging pipes and ductwork.

33 Tehama tenants store a wide variety of commuter and recreational bikes, including this fuzzy creation used to cruise Burning Man’s playa.

The Stack Rack’s flexible configuration allows it to fit in differing spaces like all three of the building’s “Cyclery” bike storage areas.

As 33 Tehama’s units continue to be rented, we expect the large tiers of bike storage spaces to follow suit providing quality bike storage in a reduced footprint.