Gran Fondo Marmotte Challenge

Gran Fondo Marmotte Challenge

Every year about 7,5000 cyclists ride the Gran Fondo Marmotte Alpes. This trying, multi-route challenge boasts of 5000+ meters of climbing throughout its 174 km distance. We challenge you to this monumental route and discover the beauty of France. You'll experience all of the most famous ascents with the exception of Col du Glandon. Not to worry – we made it up to you by offering two more climbs from this region – Col de la Croix de Fer and Col du Lautaret!



Finish all of the announced routes to complete the challenge. You can ride each route as many times as you want throughout the duration of the challenge to improve your results. It's up to you in which order you complete the routes. The challenge ends December 14th at 12pm UTC.

For the route to count toward your completion it must be finished in Race mode, routes done in training mode will not count.

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