Innovation Explosion: Thwarting Thieves through Best-in-Class Infrastructure

Innovation Explosion: Thwarting Thieves through Best-in-Class Infrastructure

Ever wonder what happens when product designers and engineers work unchaperoned with loose parameters and unbounded imagination? If you are an engineer at Saris Infrastructure, it translates into an explosion of new products that are best-in-class, innovative in features and design, and meeting the needs of under-served segments of cyclists.

What started as a modest project to enhance our Stadium Rack, a freestanding hoops-on-rails bicycle parking rack, evolved into a wholesale upgrade to our outdoor bicycle parking product portfolio. Emphatic design is not something usually associated with bicycle infrastructure – but we are our customers. Just leave it to our engineering team to design with the bicyclist at the heart of each product.

After all, our motto is: we discriminate against bike thieves, not bikes.

Cargo Bike Dock

The proliferation of cargo bikes in US cities and neighborhoods is a promising sign that people are choosing the bike to make trips long reserved for the car. So, what happens when our chief engineer purchases one of these cargo-haulers and realizes that he can’t properly secure it to a traditional bike parking rack? The result is the first ever cargo bike rack.

Designed specifically for long-tails, Bakfiets (Dutch-style), or cargo trikes, our Cargo Bike Dock gives a cargo bike the space and security it deserves. And with 2-inch square tubing and an articulating lock bracket, our Cargo Bike Dock allows standard “U” and cable locks to reach the locking points of the bike.

cargo bike rack
No matter your cargo, we got your Bakfiet.

High Security Bike Dock

Continuing the theme of dishing out as much pain as possible to the would-be bike thief, into the ring comes a new champion: our UItra High-Security Bike Rack. The best of the best. We thwart the bike thief at every turn. Pipe-Cutter? Nope, this bike rack has 2-inch square tubing. Reciprocating saw? Nope, a braided steel cable is threaded inside. Anchors compromised? Nope, reinforced steel bar keeps bike secure. We’ve designed the ultimate in bike parking security and storage to keep the thieves at bay, and your mind at ease.

high security bike rack
We've got something special waiting for the Hans Gruber bike thief.

Stainless-Steel Bike Parking

One glaring omission in our portfolio has been in the stainless-steel category. So instead of wading in, we jumped head-first. Luxurious and graceful, our stainless-steel bike rack offers an architectural elegance to any project. Our unique design offers multiple installation options that can add style and beauty to your bike parking or overall building project. Plus, it meets all APBP bike parking standards and is attractive in the process.

bike dock

bike dock

Versatile Wardrobe: same rack, different looks to suit the occasion.

The Project that Started it All: the Modular Stadium Rack

In the beginning, the assignment was to make our Stadium Rack modular. We wanted to offer customers a single platform that they could customize to meet their specific needs. By allowing any of our inverted 'U'-shaped racks, including custom branded and Ultra-High Security, and being able to orientate the rack in either a straight or angled configuration, we are delivering the ultimate in flexibility and options in an easy to ship and install package. You will not find a more innovative and adaptable bicycle parking product anywhere.

bike rack colors
We won’t judge your color choices. Freedom of Expression!

How do you innovate on a simple piece of bent and welded steel? Simply. You let the most talented group of product designers in the bicycle infrastructure space operate with only one guiding principle: be best-in-class.

We’ve added features you didn’t think you needed and created new products for cyclists that deserve the opportunity to safely secure their bike. Every cyclist, no matter what bike they pedal or where they choose to park, is entitled to that right. This is the first amendment of the Saris Infrastructure Bill of Rights.