Meet the Next Generation of Smart Trainers: H2 & M2

Before the Hammer and Magnus smart trainers even arrived on the scene, CycleOps was already hard at work on ways to improve the indoor smart training experience. Today they announced the next generation of their popular smart trainers, featuring exciting upgrades and new names: the H2 and M2.



Long-known as a company of cyclists crafting bicycle accessories for cyclists, the Madison, Wisconsin-based manufacturer exemplified this dedication with enhancements to the overall ride experience. From improved power accuracy (+/-2% for H2) to an even more realistic ride feel to internally integrated cadence sensors, the H2 and M2 boast eyebrow-raising bragging rights over their predecessors.

This next generation of CycleOps smart trainers also touts a headless mode that simulates a standard fluid trainer when ridden unpaired, as well as state-of-the-art cooling technology extends the life of internal components and ensures accurate ride data even during the hardest of workouts. Additionally, the new H2 and M2 smart trainers are sporting a new, sleek look. The yellow traded for a cool palette of greys and blacks, glosses and mattes, to create a look that compliments every pain cave and every bike.

The H2 and M2 smart trainers are the result of combining all the best features of their predecessors with continuous technological and hardware innovation,” said Heather Fortune, Director of Marketing. “It’s all part of our dedication to creating the most realistic and entertaining way to train indoors, and we’re excited to bring the next generation of CycleOps smart trainers into training spaces across the globe.”

For up-to-date information on when the H2 and M2 smart trainers will be available near you, please contact your country’s CycleOps distributor.

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