From Boulder to Paris: Morgan Pearson's Journey with Saris

Saris Sponsored Athlete Morgan Pearson trains for the Paris Olympics

As the Paris Olympics approach, elite triathlete Morgan Pearson is meticulously fine-tuning every aspect of his training. Known for his relentless work ethic and unparalleled dedication, Pearson relies heavily on cutting-edge equipment to maintain his competitive edge. To understand the needs of an Olympic level preparation, we met up with Pearson in Boulder, Colorado where he lives and trains to get more insight into what it takes to compete at the highest level.


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Number One Indoor Training Upgrade

When we asked Morgan what the number one training upgrade someone can make when training indoors, without hesitation, he said “This platform” as he pushed 312 watts for a 20-minute interval. The MP1 Nfinity Platform, which brings a new dimension to indoor training. This innovative platform offers lateral and fore-aft movement, mimicking the natural motion of outdoor cycling. For Pearson, this means a more engaging and less fatiguing workout, allowing for longer sessions that closely replicate outdoor rides.

 MP1 Nfinity Movement Platform


Train like an Olympian

No matter the season, Pearson splits time between indoor and outdoor riding. As our team captured a day in the life of Pearson Olympic preparation, Pearson started his workout with an easy hour on his local roads and then quickly mounted his bike onto his Saris H3 Plus Direct Drive Smart Trainer for the meat of the workout.


Today's session was as follows:

  • 1 hour warmup (outside)
  • 6 x 1 Minute at 380 watts with 2 minutes Rest
  • 4 x 20 minutes at 310 watts with 3 minutes Rest

When talking about how he decides whether to work indoors or out, he states, "There are certain workouts that I believe are going to be better on the trainer. Like today, that’s a great trainer workout. My legs are going to be really ready to ride on a flat, fast course.”


Training for a triathlon requires a blend of endurance, speed, and strength. For Pearson, the H3 Plus Direct Drive Smart Trainer is indispensable in simulating real-world riding conditions from the comfort of his home. This advanced trainer offers precise power measurements and virtually silent operation, allowing Morgan to focus on perfecting his power and visualization for future races. Its robust construction and reliability mean he can push his limits, knowing the trainer can handle intense sessions.


 H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer


Saris SuperClamp G3: Secure and Versatile Transport

When it's time to hit the road for races or outdoor training sessions, Pearson relies on the Saris SuperClamp G3 bike rack. This versatile and durable rack ensures his bike is transported safely and securely, whether heading to a local training spot or a competition.


The SuperClamp G3's unique design offers zero frame contact, protecting Pearson's race bike from any potential damage during transit. Its ease of use and robust locking mechanisms provide peace of mind, allowing him to focus entirely on his training and racing.


 Saris SuperClamp G3 2-Bike


The Road to Paris

As Morgan Pearson sets his sights on the Paris Olympics, his training regimen is more intense and focused than ever. With the support of Saris, he is equipped to handle the demands of elite competition, ensuring every ride, whether indoor or outdoor, contributes to his goal.


As the countdown to the Olympics continues, we wish Morgan Pearson the best of luck and look forward to seeing his hard work and dedication pay off on the world stage. Stay tuned for more updates on his journey and how Saris continues to support athletes in reaching their peak potential.