Meet the Saris Tailgate Pad: The Ultimate Bike Transport Solution for Hauling Bikes on Your Truck

Saris Tailgate Pad with man and woman unloading bikes

Take your truck out on the open road with the confidence that your bikes are not just along for the ride but also securely strapped in for the journey. Crafted with precision and innovation, the Saris Tailgate Pad keeps your bike secure, protected, and ready for your next big adventure.


Perfectly Sized

Featuring near-universal compatibility, the Tailgate Pad has your truck’s tailgate covered – literally. With two sizes to choose from, you’re virtually guaranteed to find the perfect fit so you can carry up to five (small) or six (large) of your bikes with ease.


Man loading 6 bikes on Saris Tailgate Pad


Setup Made Simple

Getting your Tailgate Pad set up and ready to go is easy. Just thread the corresponding strap through the web strap routing tool, slip the tool under the tailgate, and pull everything tight. When you’re ready to load your bikes, simply position the downtube between the blocks, hook the strap through, and give it a nice pull.


woman using Saris Tailgate Pad Tool


Secure Your Ride

At Saris, we know how important it is to keep your bikes safe and protected. That’s why we designed our Tailgate Pad with 30mm continuous padding that effortlessly compresses your bike’s downtube shape and a 40mm multi-density foam profile that provides worry-free padding for fork and fork stanchion points. Add in the curved G-hooks and you’ve got a perfectly secure setup for your most precious assets. 


Bike secured on the Saris Tailgate Pad


Built to Last

The Tailgate Pad is designed to keep your bikes secure on countless adventures ahead. With a high-quality PVC outer face and soft back surface, it easily sheds water and dirt while protecting your vehicle’s finish for years of extended use.


eBike Friendly

With strategic block spacing and extra-long bike straps, the Tailgate Pad is ready and able to secure even your bulkiest eBikes. Whether you’ve got a slender steel frame or a large eBike, the straps stay secured on downtubes up to 4.9” in diameter and provide additional shock dampening for ultimate safety on the road.


Integrated Storage

The Tailgate Pad holds more than just your bikes – dual integrated 11x6” storage pockets keep your gloves, tools, pumps, and other accessories safe, too. Now you can hit the road with confidence that everything is secure for the ride ahead.

 Pockets for storage on the saris tailgate pad


Access Made Easy

Worried about maintaining access to your backup camera and tailgate handle? Once again, the Saris Tailgate Pad delivers. Featuring an easy-open fold-up window, you can easily keep your camera unobstructed and access your tailgate handle whenever you need it.

 access to truck bed with the window on saris tailgate pad


Get Ready to Ride

With near-universal compatibility and easy setup, this tailgate pad offers a perfect fit for your truck and hassle-free loading for up to six bikes. With integrated storage and eBike-friendly features, every detail has been thoughtfully designed for your convenience.


Plus, its robust padding and sturdy G-hooks ensure your bikes are safe and sound on any terrain. So, gear up, hit the road, and let the Saris Tailgate Pad revolutionize your biking adventures – because the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination.


Saris Tailgate Pad with three bikes