MHS Now Carries Up to 80lb. Bikes and is RV Approved

MHS Now Carries Up to 80lb. Bikes and is RV Approved

We are excited to announce that our Saris MHS (Modular Hitch System) Bike Rack now boasts an increased bike-weight capacity of up to 80 pounds in certain configurations, making it the perfect solution for e-bike enthusiasts and those with heavier bikes. Additionally, having passed our rigorous testing across multiple models and all three classes of RVs, the 2-bike configuration of MHS DUO bike trays is now RV compatible, giving road warriors even more freedom to travel with their bikes, leaving the hassle behind.


Saris MHS Bike Rack with Camper


We are constantly striving to improve our products and make them more versatile, and we are thrilled to offer this upgrade.


MHS Bike Weights + RV Compatibility


Our engineering team tested the MHS to ensure that it can safely transport heavier bikes without compromising on quality, durability, and security. We understand that many of you have been looking for a bike rack that can handle the weight of full-suspension bikes, e-bikes, and other heavier models, and we are proud to say that the MHS is up to the task.

 Loading the MHS Bike Rack


We are confident it will exceed your expectations and make the bike transportation experience even more enjoyable.