From #bratcakes on the bike path to mobilizing our fleet of eCargo bikes to delivering food to those in need, you can find us out in our community creating connections by bike.

The bratcake is a Wisconsin twist on pigs in a blanket that’s served for breakfast during Bike Week to encourage Madisonians to try at least one trip by bike.

Activating our fleet of eCargo bikes and low-risk employee volunteers to transport large food donations to food pantries to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Boys & Girls Club of America is a national organization with chapters across the country, including one here in Madison, Wisconsin. Saris has a decades long history with the Madison chapter, with our co-founder, Chris Fortune, leading the charge, bike in hand.

As a family-owned, family-centric company, we are passionate about making sure our community’s next generation the tools they need to create healthy, happy lives, including cultivating and nurturing resiliency. The Boys & Girls Club does exactly this. It’s all about serving the kids, and that’s something we can get behind over and over again.

We’re proud to partner with the Boys & Girls Club on both the local and national level – with bikes always at the heart of it all.