From Chris' Garage

From Chris' Garage

It's been over 25 years since Chris and Sara Fortune purchased then-named Graber Products and transformed an old farm house and chicken coop into what is now Saris Cycling Group. Since that day, Chris has taken up a personal mission to use and abuse every rack that ships out our doors.

And with someone as passionate and dedicated as Chris at the helm, there's no one better equipped to talk about our most popular – and most innovative – car racks. Here he is reporting in from his garage in Madison, Wisconsin. Catch the whole series on YouTube.

The Bones Trunk Rack

With over 1 million Bones car racks sold and counting, Chris highlights what makes this rack so special.

The SUPERBones Bike Rack

Brand new for 2016, get to know this revolutionary trunk rack.

The Freedom Hitch Rack

From kid's bikes to step-through frames to unicycles – if you've got it, this rack can fit it. Add on fat bike tire wheel holders and the Freedom becomes a fatty chariot.

The Freedom SuperClamp Car Rack

As Chris says, we think this is the best bike rack we've ever built. Plus it's fat bike tire friendly with the addition of these wheel holders.

The CycleGlide Bike Storage System

When you're not out riding, you need a place to store your bike. That's where the CycleGlide comes in. Take a look.