Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Bike Racks: How to HGTV Your Garage

Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Bike Racks: How to HGTV Your Garage


"I WILL clean my garage today."

Fall is a time of bursting color, dewy mornings, and dreamy temperatures. It is also the optimal time to organize your garage and prepare for the winter freeze. You believe you can HGTV the living life out of your precious car and bike storage space. You look around and say to yourself, “This isn’t that bad, it shouldn’t take long.” Like any good clean up, removal is step one but days are short, and time is of the essence. Your driveway looks like a yard sale, you are getting hungry, and you still must solve the biggest decision: “Where do I put all of these bikes?” If you already invested in Saris wall and ceiling racks, disregard the rest of this, you made good decisions. Not you? Read on.

"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up."
-A.A. Milne

Keeping as much floor space open as possible is the key to a sleek look and gives the impression of a clutter-less space. If you want your garage revamp to be successful, figure out what racks will work best for your bikes. Utilize the walls and ceilings and get creative with the possibilities.


Make a Trac up the wall.

Bike Tracs in a Garage


Tracs give your space a clean vertical look and can be attached to walls, pillars, or posts. The Bike Trac provides full bike coverage to protect the walls, while also providing freedom for capactiy and mounting configuration. Tracs give even the scariest garages a modern clean feel.

Mix and match different bikes with Tracs. Organization made simple.

"We recently hung 6 Bike Tracs in our garage. It worked perfectly to hang the Bike Tracs on the 16" on center studs and alternating the height of every other Bike Trac by 16". The rear wheels of our road bikes and cross bikes fit perfectly in the rail which keeps them straight and dirt from the tires off the garage wall. An excellent system!"


  • Wide wheel track accepts nearly all bikes
  • Full length tray keeps bike in place and protects wall surface
  • Two locking mechanism options available
  • Powder coat black only
  • 80" minimum ceiling height


Options Include:

Bike Trac

Locking Bike Trac

Fat Tire Bike Trac


Don't look down, look UP

Cycle Glide in a Garage


Space savvy ceiling storage with Cycle Glide

What's better than smart bike storage for your garage? One that maximizes the empty space above your cars. That means no more door dings or accidentally running into bikes tucked in the corners of your garage. With the Cycle Glide you can effortlessly store up to four bikes within arm's reach. This rack is especially good for a smaller garage where you need all of the square footage you can get. If you don't plan on using your bikes in the off-season, this might be the bike rack solution for you.


    • Space saving ceiling mounted.
    • Patented glider design.
    • Adjustable bike holders.
    • 4 bike capacity.
    • 2-Bike Add-on Kit option, sold separately.



Keep it classic, as seen on the schoolyard.

Mighty Mite

Might Mite storage rack for simplicity.

If you aren't worried about floor space, and you want something easy for kids to work with, the Mighty Mite is the ideal option for storing a family worth of bikes. This has classic vibes and is sturdy enough to hold up to 6 bikes. It adds a nicer look than lining your bikes against the wall and is completely weatherproof.


  • Parks up to 6 bikes.
  • Assembles in minutes.
  • Durable and weatherproof.
  • Perfect for home or business.
  • Set it up outside or in a garage or basement to park a family of bikes.



The Boss. What's in a name?

The Boss


The Boss bike stand is a low profile, secure way to keep your bike safe and upright. It's small size is perfect for parking bikes in small spaces. Not ready to commit to putting screws in a wall? Choose The Boss! The Boss is lightweight and easy to move making it a versatile option. It holds and stabilizes bikes by the rear.


  • Folds up small and is lightweight for easy mobility.
  • This bike stand holds and stabilizes bikes by the rear axle with soft, rubber-dipped fingers.
  • Fits a variety of bikes with 20" - 29" tires. As well as most bikes with disc brakes.



Bike Bunks: Garage or In-House Solution

Bike Bunk


Bike Bunks might not be the obvious garage choice, but they work well because you can move them anywhere. They are versatile and can adjust to fit different size bike frames. They have a small footprint making it a clear choice for a crowded garage.


  • Adjustable arms move up and down to fit different size bike frames.
  • Sleeves on arms hold and protect frames.
  • Cushioned pads protect floors and walls.
  • No permanent mounting required.



Clearing out clutter and getting organized is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Before you start the process, make sure to plan accordingly. The key is to keep from having to do a major cleanout again anytime soon. Having a specific place to store bikes will add ease to the process, try one of these solutions, or mix and match racks.