Ride for World Bicycle Relief and Frontline Health Workers

Ride for World Bicycle Relief and Frontline Health Workers


World Bicycle Relief (WBR) has long known about the transformative power of bikes. “The Power of Bicycles” is, after all, their rallying cry. These days WBR and their Buffalo Bikes are on the frontlines, delivering supplies and care to communities in need during a global pandemic. From medication delivery to pre/post natal care to food and water distribution, every dollar helps provide another bicycle that can carry these life-saving services.


Ride for World Bicycle Relief on Rouvy

We recently joined forces with Rouvy to support World Bicycle Relief with the Ride for WBR Challenge. For every challenge completed, we pledged to donate $1 to World Bicycle Relief and their mission to get bikes to frontline healthcare workers.

The result? 1,610 Rouvy riders completed the Ride for WBR Challenge, for a total donation of $1,610 to World Bicycle Relief.



“It has been incredible to see how many people are turning to bikes during this time – as a mode of transportation, for mental and physical well-being, as a way for families to get outside together, and in virtually to find a way to connect with others.” WBR Director of Partnerships, Claire Geiger, said. “Seeing people come together on ROUVY as a community and take on the challenge of distance to support those that face it on a daily basis is incredibly inspiring. The Power of Bicycles has the ability to change the world.”


Mobilizing Frontline Health Workers




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