Staying Connected with an H3 Smart Trainer

Staying Connected with an H3 Smart Trainer

Photo credit: Filip Funk

By: Ngaire Barraclough, Pro-Cyclist for UCI Women’s Team InstaFund Racing

This year has contained a lot of changes for me and staying adaptable has been crucial to enjoying what I’m doing. Like most cyclists, a year without racing has been disappointing but I found ways to work around it and get in some pretty incredible adventures, making my summer super fun and totally different. I’m continuing to look on the bright side as I get into my winter training, and as someone who has moved away from home for the first time this fall, I’ve found that a great way to stay connected with my family is through group Zwift rides.

As an Albertan, riding the trainer is something I am very familiar with, and it has always been something I have struggled to enjoy. However, this year I am lucky enough to be spending much more time riding outside, thank you Vancouver, and the time I do spend on the trainer has been much improved by my awesome setup on my new Saris H3 smart trainer. I wanted to take advantage of having my very own smart trainer and realized that I could combine this with some family time for maximum enjoyment.

Ngaire Barraclough
My Saris H3 Trainer set up, please excuse my dirty bike.

My dad and I decided to set up a Zwift ride together and it was super awesome! We got to chat the whole time we were riding about our days, the ride we were doing, and the likelihood that the people passing us were actually doing 8 w/kg. My dad has much more Zwift experience than me, so he set up our ride, we hopped on our trainers and off we went! It was super fun and I am looking forward to doing it again, next time with more family members!

Ngaire Barraclough
My set up vs my dad's set up.

It’s also great how flexible riding the trainer is. We could find a time to ride together despite my school, my dad’s work and our slightly different time zones, and we didn’t even have to worry about the sun setting. If you’re looking for a way to stay connected with family or friends you don’t live near or haven’t been able to see because of this year's special circumstances, then plan a ride and hop on Zwift.

Thanks Saris for making trainer time and family time a possibility for me this year, and a winning combo!

Ngaire Barraclough
My Dad riding away from me on Zwift while I stop to take a picture.


Ngaire is the youngest pro rider for the UCI Women's Team InstaFund Racing. She's a multi-junior national champion on the track, and moved away from home for the first time this fall to attend school and train in a warmer climate.

Photo credit: Max McCulloch, @maxmccullochvisuals