SUPERBones: A Trunk Rack As Functional As it is Aesthetic

SUPERBones: A Trunk Rack As Functional As it is Aesthetic

By: Sarah Reiter, Saris Car Rack Product Manager

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a bike rack had but one mission: to safely transport a bicycle from point A to point B. And then the Bones trunk rack was born. This innovative bike carrier achieved that goal and so much more. It was lightweight, strong and thoughtfully crafted by famed Italian designer, Fabio Pedrini. The Bones completely changed the expectations of what a bike rack is all about.

Over two decades later the Bones rack is still blazing the trail. Along with its one million plus customers, this iconic car rack helped inspire the Pedrini-designed, ultimate trunk rack - the SUPERBones.

As the most intuitive car rack on the market, the heart and soul of the SUPERBones is the internal strap management system. With the simple flip of the lever, straps are extended to allow arms and legs to be moved for the perfect fit.

SUPERBones trunk rack features
The SUPERBones touts not one, not two but eight eye-catching and functional features.

The SUPERBones also provides superior security thanks to integrated braided galvanized steel wire within the straps, and dual locking systems that lock upper and lower legs to the car.

In short, the SuperBones is the bomb. And now we can add a prestigious design award to its accolades.

SUPERBones bike trunk rack
This bicycle carrier is more than just a pretty face.

We're pleased to announce that The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design awarded the SUPERBones the 2016 Good Design Award. The Good Design Award is one of the most recognized certifications for consumer design excellence.

This award can be seen placed alongside products and designs from some of the world's foremost corporations, manufacturers and designers as a show of the product's design merit. The SUPERBones was one of the over 900 recipients selected out of a pool of several thousand applicants from around the world, and will now be part of the Museum's prestigious Permanent Design Collection.

While we're thrilled to be the recipient of this designation, the SUPERBones is more than a pretty face. Or put more technically, the innovation in the manufacturing process deserves equal limelight, and should be recognized for its contribution to the SUPERBones success.

SUPERBones bike trunk rack
Carbon Dioxide gas-assisted injection molded parts provide the SUPERBones' strength and style.

The thing is, the SUPERBones blazed a new trail in the way it's manufactured. It became the first of the Saris car rack product line to switch from our traditionally used Nitrogen gas-assisted injection molding process to a brand new technology using Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

With this new gas technology came two major benefits. The first was by using a two shot process; a more consistent gas bubble is created in the car rack part, making the interior of the part more consistent throughout.

Secondly, because CO2 cools more quickly, the parts have an even more flawless finish on the exterior shell while maintaining maximum durability throughout the part. The brand new technology is a product of innovation in Europe, and is being used on automotive parts where cosmetics and strength are equally important.

Why do we use gas-assisted injection molding in the first place? It is through this process that we can create a hollow core within the part. In the parts used for our bicycle carriers, the hollow nature actually increases its strength. This unique feature has been a huge differentiator in the Bones bicycle rack, which has been a market leader in trunk rack since its introduction in the market in 1996.

As you can see, the SUPERBones delivers on our brand promise of Simple. Strong. Secure. And, in this case, its beauty is really more than skin deep. I know you will like the balance of form and function of this award winning rack. As always, please reach out to me with your thoughts and experiences with our products. Happy riding.