Eligible for Discount

Products that can be purchased with a discount code

  • "eligible-discount" tag when item can be purchased with a code
  • remove the tag during sales on products so that the item cannot be purchased with a discount code + the sale pricing

  • 11-Speed Smart Trainer Cassette

    • Compatible with the Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer, as well as the CycleOps Hammer and H2
    • 11-25 tooth cassette
    • Compatible with Shimano and SRAM 11-speed systems
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  • 2" Hitch Tightener

    • Eliminates rattling and wobbling
    • Adds extra security to bike racks and hitch devices
    • Compatible with dedicated 2" receivers/racks
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  • 20/24" Wheel Adapter

    • Raises the resistance unit up to wheel height for smaller size wheels.
    • For use with Mag, Mag+, and Fluid2.
    • Not compatible with Saris M2 or CycleOps Magnus trainer.
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  • 8' Locking Cable

    • Secure bikes to your bike rack to reduce bike theft.
    • Eight foot, 10mm braided stainless steel locking cable.
    • Includes 2 keys.
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  • All Star 2-Bike

    • A modern carrier with all the essentials of a reliable tray rack.
    • Carries 2 bikes with a max wheelbase of 48” and up to 45 lb. each.
    • Platform hitch rack for 1 ¼” and 2” receivers.
    • Carries eBikes
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  • All Star Wheel Tray

    • Replacement wheel tray for the All Star hitch rack
    • Includes knob and hardware
    • Wheel trays can be used for either All Star tray location
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  • Aluminum Hitch Adapter

    • Converts 1 ¼" hitch receiver to fit 2" hitch.
    • Adapter is 5.5 inches long.
    • Compatible with all current Saris Hitch Racks.
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  • Aluminum Roller

    • Replacement roller for Aluminum Rollers (Part# 9501, 9502 & 9501T)
    • Can also be used to replace CycleOps PVC Rollers
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  • Aluminum Rollers

    • Aluminum roller drums run silent and smooth.
    • Fold-flat or stand on end for convenient storage.
    • Improve balance, control and ability to ride a straight line.
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  • ANT+ USB Adapter

    • Allows you to connect your laptop or desktop to ANT+ trainers and accessories.
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  • Bike Beam

    • Bridges the gap between stem and seat to create a virtual top tube.
    • For use with all Saris racks where bikes are secured by the top tube.
    • Length adjusts to fit most bikes and opens easily with slide mechanism.
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  • Bluetooth USB Adapter

    • Bluetooth dongle for PCs to work with Rouvy.
    • Works with PC desktops and laptops.
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  • Bones 2-Bike

    • The cornerstone of trunk racks for decades.
    • Carries 2 bikes, 35 lb. each.
    • Rack weighs 9 lb.
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  • Bones 2-Bike Replacement Arms

    • Compatible with Bones 2, Axis Steel 2 and Bones Hitch 2.
    • Includes all straps and tightening thumb screw.
    • Driver-Side and Passenger-Side sold separately.
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  • Bones 3-Bike

    • The best-selling trunk rack, with over 1 million sold.
    • Carries 3 bikes, 35 lb. each.
    • Rack weighs 11 lb.
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  • Bones 3-Bike Replacement Arm

    • Compatible only with Bones 3, Axis Steel 3 and Bones Hitch 3.
    • Includes all straps and tightening thumb screw.
    • Driver-Side and Passenger-Side sold separately.
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