Launched in 2010, 20 by 2020 was a campaign to provide bicycle supporters the chance to help move bicycling forward in the Madison community.

The goal was to encourage 10,000 Madisonians to simply sign a pledge in support of bicycling to show how important the bike is to our community. Because we believed that when we join together, we could transform Madison to one of the country’s best bicycling cities to one of the best in the world.

What We've Accomplished: 2010 - 2020

Financial Support

A commitment of substantial funds in the City of Madison’s capital budget for bike infrastructure and improvements, including Safe Routes to School, bike lanes, bike path maintenance, etc.

The Madison Bike Council

The Bike Council lead to the formation of the Platinum Bicycle Committee, which played a role in Madison’s Platinum Bicycle Friendly City designation.

Madison “Bike Team”

A staff group from Traffic & Engineering, Engineering and the Police Department coordinated closely on bicycle projects, improvements and activities.

More Bike-Friendly Streets

The city added four bike-friendly streets, designated with bike boulevards and/or protected lanes. A full-service Bike Station is now in the works.

Accessible Information

The City of Madison’s website includes up-to-date information on bicycling. Visit Bike Madison.

Modal Share Goals

The City of Madison set bike modal share goals for three zones in the city and installed two bicycle counters.