Which Car Rack is Best for My Bike?

Which Car Rack is Best for My Bike?


Whether you’re traveling to Rooted Vermont or cruising down the your local Rails-to-Trails, there’s a bike rack to help get you and your bike where you want to go. We aren’t just talking your classic ride, we can even transport your eBike.


Yet before you can hit the road, there are a few things to consider. Chances are you’ve spent hours of research selecting your vehicle and bike of choice. Both play a factor in finding the best bike rack for your needs.


The Saris Fit Guide can give you direction on the best bike rack for your vehicle (Bonus: we maintain the guide for 10 years of vehicle models). And if you’re looking to match your rack to your personality, we’ve got you covered.


First Things First

Before we dive too deep, first think about the bike you want to transport. Then answer the three following questions, which will help guide your selection of bike rack:

  1. Is it okay for the bike frame to come into contact with the bike rack?
  2. How much does the bicycle weigh?
  3. How many bikes do you want to carry at one time?



Hug it by the frame, or hug it by the wheel? That is the question.

Most bike owners have strong feelings about whether they are comfortable with a car rack touching the frame of their bicycle. That’s why we offer bicycle carriers that cater to both persuasions: car racks that hold the bike by its frame, and racks that do not – designed instead to hold the bike by its wheels.


Fun Fact: No-frame contact bike racks are typically much easier and faster to load and unload. This leads to more time on two wheels, and who doesn’t want that?


Follow this general rule: if you have carbon, opt for the wheel-clamping option. Chances are the manufacturer of your bike will have some opinions on this too, so feel free to reach out to their customer service team for more input.


Weigh Your Options

Almost all bicycle carriers list the maximum bike weight in their specs, and for good reason: to protect you, your car, your bike and everyone traveling around you.


Here at Saris our bike racks are divided into two weight classes: 1) car racks that can carry bikes up to 35 pounds; and 2) car racks that can carry bikes up to 60 pounds. The former is a collection of racks that hold bikes by the top tubes, either hanging style racks for trunk or hitch; while the latter applies to our entire family platform hitch racks.


Not sure how much your bike weighs? Here’s a pro tip: most hybrids, commuter bikes, road bikes, and kid’s bikes fall under the 35-pound mark; while downhill bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes and eBikes (minus battery) tend to be in the under 60-pound range. Check with your local dealer or the manufacturer of your bike for more details.


Superclamp EX 2 Bike Rack on Toyota Tacoma


Let's Find Your Match

Now that you’ve figured out your options by frame contact and bike weight, let’s find the best car rack for your bike.


All bike sizes, add-on, remove, configure to your liking

The NEW Modular Hitch System (MHS) is made for future-proofed hauling. Whether you want to carry 1, 2, 3 or 4 bikes, this rack can be assembled to travel how you see fit.

Options include:

Each bike tray can carry up to 53" wheelbases, with 20"-29" wheels and 5" wide tires making this the "ANY bike" rack. At Saris we break down barriers to make biking more accessible, this rack ensures your entire fleet can travel securely.



The Modular Hitch System (MHS) is ready for your next adventure.


The Do-It-All Bikes

Hybrid haulers, cyclocross commuters, touring travelers – these workhorses of your fleet all have two things in common: they can handle frame contact and they’re almost always 35 pounds or less.


With these two factors combined, you get the widest range of options available to transport this bike. However, we recommend the Bones family of car racks as they are quick to load, and can be easily adjusted for slight frame variations by simply moving the arms to the best configuration for your ride. Plus, fenders are a non-issue for any bicycle carrier bearing the Bones name.


On the trunk side, the Bones or SUPERBones are superb options. As for hitch racks, the Bones Hitch is the go-to choice. Although, keep in mind, if you have a step-through bike, we encourage you to purchase a Bike Beam to ensure proper transport.


SUPERBones Bike Rack on Audi

The SUPERBones is a great hauling option for your fleet's workhorses.


Road & Triathlon Bikes

Stylish is as stylish does. Roadies and triathletes have a reputation of being particular about which components go on their prized rig, and you better look good doing it. That commitment to style is one we can appreciate, after all design is at the heart of every bike rack we ship from our Madison, Wisconsin, headquarters.


Carbon has become the frame material of choice among the racing sect, and for good reason. It’s lighter, absorbs vibrations better and basically makes you feel like you’re riding a really fast cloud.


For these carbon set-ups, there’s no better choice than the SuperClamp EX platform racks. This hitch rack will never come into contact with the frame of the bike, as it transports the bike by holding the front and rear wheel with dual shepard’s hooks. Plus, the wheel tray has a special groove designed to specifically cradle a skinny tire. This configuration just so happens to be the most secure way to haul a bicycle, thereby ensuring your little slice of heaven is in safe hands.


SuperClamp EX 2 Bike Loaded with 2 mountain bikes

Transport your prized rig safely and securely with the SuperClamp hitch rack


For those sporting old school steel roadsters and eye-catching aluminum builds, the SUPERBones is right up your alley. This trunk rack is designed to the hilt with sleek lines, an internal strap management system, and integrated locks that secure bike to rack and rack to car to help deter anyone eyeing up your ride.


Mountain Bikes

A stellar car rack is a basic requirement to shred. While local mountain biking trails are growing, those who want to get rad often find themselves hauling their MTB to trailheads.


With varying geometries, frame builds and weights, the best bicycle carrier for mountain bikes depends on your specific rig. Most mountain bikes come in around the 35-pound mark, although heftier downhill rigs and fat tire bikes often find themselves on the trails, and likely in your garage.


With this in mind, we recommend a platform style bike rack for your mountain bike. The Freedom rack holds the bikes by both wheels plus downtube, and accommodates any combination of bike sizes (unicycles included).


SuperClamp HD Rack on an RV


Other chariots for your shred-sled include our SuperClamp EX 2- and 4-bike models. This platform rack securely holds the bikes solely by the wheels, and accommodates tires up to 4 inches wide. With folding capabilities to garner hatch access and the load speed, the SuperClamp EX bike racks will get you and your crew on the trails faster than ever.


Door County Bike Rack transporting 2 eBikes



Yes bike-lover, electric bicycles use transport racks too. eBikes have added a level of ease to outdoor riding but they are a heavy load to haul. Whether they’re tagging along on the next getaway or in need of a tune-up, eBikes need a way to get around.


When it comes to hauling these electric-equipped bikes there is one option that rules them all: our NEW Saris Door County eBike rack. If you’re searching for the ultimate bike rack for eBikes, look no further. Powered by your vehicle’s 7-pin connection, the Door County is a full-service powered bike rack for electric bikes. Simply turn the key and press a button, and the Door County platform hitch rack effortlessly lifts two eBikes up to 60lbs. each. And when you’re on the road, the Door County keeps the electric vibe going with glowing tail lights, including running, brake and turn signals.


Freedom 2 Bike Rack hauling 2 bikes

The Freedom 2 Bike is low-profile and eBike friendly


Kid's Bikes

There’s a ubiquitous rule that comes with parenthood: where there are children, there is stuff. We’re talking extra layers, books, snacks – none of which includes bike-specific gear. And while your kid’s bike may be small enough to fit inside your car, chances are that space is already claimed.


For little to big kid bikes, the Bones Hitch is the perfect family of racks for families on the go. The adjustable arms help fit anywhere from 2- to 4-bikes, depending on your need and easily transport the range of bikes that accompany childhood growth. Plus, the Bones Hitch racks are some the lightest hitch racks around. That makes for easy install when your hands are full and the little ones are ready to hit the road.



Kid riding a strider bike

One less headache: an easy-to-use bike rack for family bike trips.

Your Friend's Bike

Raise your hand if you've ever had a friend dial you up, requesting a ride due to inclement weather, or a flat on the side of the road.


If your hand is up, consider the Solo single bike transport rack. It's small enough to keep in your trunk or closet so you can save a friend in need (or have a friend come to your rescue). And because it's a Saris rack, we've taken special care to make sure the bike and your car are well protected.


Using the Solo Bike Rack

Save the day with the Solo.


A Whole Collection of Bikes

The old joke says that the perfect number of bikes is n+1, with "n" being the current number of bikes. Here at Saris, this is less of a joke than it is a truth. And as a company of cyclists, we know that the ability to transport your whole fleet of bikes is very important.


Yet often, a 4-bike rack is so large it looks more suited for a Roald Dahl book than your car. Not so with our SuperClamp EX and Freedom 4-bike. With size in mind, we specifically designed our racks to transport two bikes along a single bar. Doing so cuts the footprint, and weight, of the car rack in half compared to other 4-bike carriers around. Yes, half. This bulk savings is especially appreciated when installing or moving the rack. Plus, the low-profile build is real slick when folded up along the rear of the vehicle when not in use.


SuperClamp EX 4 Bike rack loaded

Bring more family, friends and fun with a 4-bike hitch rack.


Need something a little extra? Swing into Action with our Swing Away Accessory.

Turn your Saris hitch rack into a swing away with this hitch rack accessory. Featuring 90° of pivot, the Swing Away Accessory gives you free and clear hatch access without removing your bike.


Saris Swing Away Accessory


Still need help to find the right bike rack for you and your bike(s)? We're here to help. Drop us a line and our team will help you get geared up for where you want to go.